Peppers-N-Sauce Medium “Tangy”

Peppers-N-Sauce Medium “Tangy”


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Our red and green pepper strips in a spicy delicious tomato sauce. A tasty addition to frittata, pizza, risotto, meats and so much more.

1 Case (12 – 15.5oz Jars)
Peppers-N-Sauce Medium “Tangy”

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1 review for Peppers-N-Sauce Medium “Tangy”

  1. Sharon S.

    Wonderful on Italian sausage sandwiches!!!
    I bought these many years ago and used to serve them on Italian sausage sandwiches with provalone cheese on Italian bread buns . They are wonderful! I’ve been looking for these peppers for several years and was thrilled to find them on Amazon and bought a whole case of them. Only one thing disappoints me. The peppers used to be canned/bottled in strips, and now they are basically chopped in 1 inch squares. Still, they taste fabulous on sausage sandwiches and they are absolutely terrific on scrambled eggs. I highly recommend this product and I am thrilled that they are still being made and being sold on Amazon.

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