Fried Peppers w/ Onions

Fried Peppers w/ Onions

A tasty Italian delight of fried green & red bell peppers with onions. Adds a level of flavor to your favorite sauces, meatballs, sandwiches, or top your steak, chicken cutlet or tacos.


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A tasty Italian delight of fried green & red bell peppers with onions. Adds a level of flavor to your favorite sauces, meatballs, sandwiches, or top your steak, chicken cutlet or tacos.

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41 reviews for Fried Peppers w/ Onions



  2. Bill Baptista

    Very convenient. G

  3. Frederick Roberson

    Very convenient. G

  4. Jerry Ray

    No sandwich should be without Mancini peppers it explodes in you mouth so flavorful.

  5. Dantrax

    The greatest fried peppers of all time!!!
    Delivered quickly, packed well, no broken bottles, the peppers are fresh and they taste great. Enough said. Get some now.

  6. David H. Satterfield

    Use it on all my sandwiches.

  7. Nancy Bugaj

    Excellent product.
    So happy I found them. My store have been out of this item for months. Excellent!

  8. CBG

    Loved this product for years, but it disappeared from store shelves. Happy to find it on Amazon.
    Great for making omelettes.

  9. Guy Arlotta

    Greatest fried peppers in the world!

  10. Barbara Ward

    Great product and packaging!!
    Love this for when I make sausages and peppers!
    They stopped carry it at my local stores.
    It was packaged the best I have ever seen to protect the glass and the taste is delicious as always!

  11. Daniel C. Swanson

    I was very surprised at how fresh and how great they tasted. Pus in my estimation, the cost was very little for what you get. I told my sister and brother about them and they have both bought some. We were born and raised in Rhode Island, which has a large italian community. Fried peppers and onions are very common in just about all restaurants, but down here in North Carolina, you can not find them. These taste just like what we use to get in all of the Italian restaurants. They have just the right amount of olive oil in the jar to hep the flavor to seep into the bread when you put them on a sandwich. I have them with just about all of my meals now.

  12. Sandy

    We enjoy it with meats at dinner.

  13. bUNNY

    Love these peppers..the taste is sooo good. I use them many ways in cooking and plain.With covid its hard to shop and ordering these from Amazon I dont have to go into a store.

  14. Wenhamhome

    Sooo tasty!
    Love these peppers. Always great!

  15. Mario DAngelo

    Between the fried peppers and rousted peppers are a great side dish
    I use it to add to a sandwich with lettuce and tomatoes, instead of mayo .

  16. gladbuyer

    I had been looking for this product for several years. Tried every kind of roasted and fried pepper but none measured up. It’s great on sandwiches or scrambled with eggs.

  17. Tim Hemans


  18. Ralph W. Smith

    Excellent taste.
    Great taste. Much easier than frying them yourself. I wish they were packed in love oil rather than canola, but that would no doubt push the price up. Great with Italian sausages.

  19. Snork

    Always great products!!
    Mancini products are always top notch. We have always bought their items for a long time, especially the fried peppers with onions. They go great with eggs, alone, part of a salad or antipasto!!!

  20. Mil G.

    Good price
    For eggplant sandwiches delicious

  21. john tufo

    No cholesterol.

  22. cfr

    used in so many ways……delicious

  23. frank petrelli

    great peppers
    love these peppers.

  24. swig

    Will buy again

  25. San Diego Reader

    good item
    cooked and ready to use peppers and onions – easy to add to meats for a tasty, healthy main course


    Delicious, and shipped to your home!
    I used to get this at my 2 local markets. When both stopped carrying this item, I was determined to satisfy my craving. I was initially not thrilled about buying a case of 6, but I have since come to like the convenience of always having these around.
    These peppers are packed in olive oil, and also have onions in them. I find that they taste good on many sandwiches, and burgers. My favorite is grilled turkey burger with Swiss cheese and these peppers and onions! Yummy!

  27. Ladyloon51

    We will order more!

  28. Engrid Toorock

    Great product
    Always a good item to buy

  29. Michael B.

    Great Product
    Excellent flavor and awesome with eggs or sausage……

  30. Joseph S.

    Great price!
    Love these peppers!

  31. Mike S

    Great Fried Peppers
    Love these Fried Peppers!

  32. Richard Lorelle

    They are very good!!!

  33. Danny S

    This is a great product. Difficult to find in most stores.

  34. L. Ross

    Fresh taste.
    Very tasty product.

  35. M&E Denman

    These are so delicious and remind me of back home in upstate NY. Great on sandwiches, pizza or with cheese for a quesadilla.

  36. Ruth Herschaft

    Five Stars
    Love the product. The price is too high now that this product cannot be found on store shelves.

  37. Aggie’s Mom

    Five Stars
    Delicious no more to say!! Arrived on time.

  38. Anthony J. Adolfi

    Five Stars
    great product, excellent service

  39. Diana Bandish

    Five Stars
    Peppers are full flavor. They reached me all in tact were well packed.

  40. Kmcb

    We love this!
    We love this on meatball sandwiches and in scrambled eggs.

  41. tatiana deCarillion

    Perfect peppers for sausage!
    This refers to my purchase of six jars of Mancini Fried Sweet Peppers and Onions, purchased from Peters Select via Amazon. I love these peppers with Italian sausage, and they are not available here in the DEEP SOUTH. (I really miss Italian delis!). These arrived a couple of days before the delivery date window that was given me. They were well-packed and the jars were clean and devoid of any residue from leaks. I’m the only one in the house that eats them, but I will be ordering again, provided the price is right!

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