Fried Cayenne Peppers (Long Hot)

Fried Cayenne Peppers (Long Hot)

Hot Cayenne Peppers sautéed in Canola Oil. Mancini is the producer of this product. It is truly one-of-a-kind! A wonderful addition to any sandwich, pizza, steak, chicken, fish or dip. A spicy and tasty delicacy to add to any recipe.


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8 reviews for Fried Cayenne Peppers (Long Hot)

  1. Doug Veltz

    These are the best prepared hot peppers you can buy! I add them to all kinds of things from sandwiches. to frittatas to pizza… and more. …and they are SO hot… I just love them! The whole Mancini line is perfection!

  2. John Widgeon

    These Longhots are the absolute BEST on Pizza or any Italian food or any casserole dish. I’ve been eating these since 1988 and am so happy to see them back in the Mancini online store. All you Pepper Bellies out there are in for a treat.

  3. Chris Spencer

    These are the best long hot peppers on the planet! Put some of these on a cracker with some XXX sharp NY Cheddar, or top a burger or spice up some greens. Five stars!!!!

  4. MaggieS

    THE BEST! Sadly, Mancini has Gone Out of Business
    These were my Italian husband’s favorite – roasted & fried in EVOO! He’s found some online and expects them soon. Sad that no other company has acquired the Mancini recipes ??

  5. Countess from Maine

    These hot peppers are truly great. Taste wonderful and heat excellent. However the price is so very high. I have bought many times but I suspect many people will not be able to afford. Hope you can lower the price and count on higher volume of sales to make it worthwhile. Please try to lower the price.

  6. CLC In CP

    Great buy
    These are so hard to find in the stores. Great find and so good. Shipping was timely and price was decent

  7. Kenneth D Lewis

    Delicious and spicy
    These long hot peppers are the best. I can’t get enough of them. Attached is a veggie burger with the long hot peppers. The peppers have the perfect amount of heat.

  8. David Smith

    Super pizza peppers
    Stop cleaning and sauteeing your own fresh peppers! These are just as good. Just open the jar and put on your pizza, subs, spaghetti; whatever. Awesome hot cayennes packed in oil (with no vinegar!)

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